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We are at January 26, 2016. Where the heck has the time gone? Wasn't it just a few nights ago that we were all watching the ball drop in our various time zones, sipping on champagne, hoping the kids were asleep, quietly wondering what we would be doing if those munchkins were not in need of adult supervision for one night and we could be in New York City.....Happy and content sitting in our pajamas on the couch in the next thought wondering why the heck the new twenty-somethings think they need to show so much of their boobs. I mean, we know you have them. But we don't want to KNOW that you are have them. Seriously.

Am I getting too old? Perhaps. Or maybe you just see the world in a different light by know. But perhaps it isn't age the brings on the perspective but suburbia with it's football jersey's and printed leggings and yoga pants that seem to be worn but for a function and as fashion....

I miss living downtown. Can you tell? Though there is something comforting in the thought that I could run my kids into school wearing gray yoga pants and no make-up and yet not be judged. That would never happen in Toulouse. One must leave the house ready.

I am more inclined to agree with Europe on that one. We don't need to go to the grocery story in pajamas unless you are severely sick. And if you are sick, why are you at the grocery story?

I think I'm getting off topic. Really, I just wanted to type some thoughts out here even thought I didn't have a clear theme. You know, all blog posts should have a theme, so say the experts.

But don't you just feel like typing out your thoughts? Perhaps it is simply because I don't yet have girlfriends here to speak my thoughts to. If I did you would be saved as a reader from having to read them.

Sorry, it is what it is today.

USA living is nice, though it is hurting my right hip like I never thought possible. Spending our lives in the car is seriously detrimental to our health. Besides it making us fat because we don't use any calories to just sit there, I am convinced it is bad for our right side. My right calf is stiff and heavy, my right hip constantly aches and my right buttocks is like, "Can we just walk and stretch a bit?"

But we can't walk unless it is through a store because between stores stretches miles of parking lot which shouldn't be dangerous except that it is because no one bothers to look for pedestrians because there never are any.

Same goes for crossing streets. Even the ones with sidewalks, though half of them don't have any, can be dangerous simply because drivers are struck dumb by an actual pedestrian out there. It is worse than the cars in Toulouse who never wished to stop or slow down. At least they knew you were there. Here they haven't a clue what you are doing standing outside with no car around your body to take you from point A to point B.

One would think I was a foreigner here hearing me talk!

But one great thing about the States are the gyms. Because they are everywhere. Or is that just Texas? Then there is Starbucks and other cafes to get your three times daily caffeine fix (is that just me? Really?) and the ability to see a doctor at the time of your choosing the next day. And if they have to make you wait two days or more they apologize!

I listened to French ladies talk about that phenomenon the other day, doctors apologizing for apps taking too long and all of them laughed out loud because each had a horror story about how much time they waited for a specialist. They all wonder at the efficiency of taking labs at the same clinic as the doctor and buying glasses where you have an eye exam, etc. I never had any trouble in Toulouse with doctors other than them being rude, so I actually defended France to the French, but I couldn't defend the French doctors when the niceness factor came up. My primary in Toulouse was great but my pediatrician would have been better suited for the Army.

My other thoughts are on dinner now. And it is only 1:30. But this whole thing of private school where you have to take your kid in and bring them home really cuts into the day. I wouldn't mind our kids going to public school. I have nothing against public school. Except that the school cannot keep up with my kids' language learning. Too bad really, that America still doesn't have bilingual schools. Such a small part of the population speaks another language that I get people staring at us with wide eyes when they hear what we speak. And they are all normal languages. I still dream of the day I can say I speak Swahili or something just for the fun of it!

I know. NERD.

Or so says my niece.

As my thoughts dwindle to logistics of the rest of the afternoon I leave you all with one thought to take with you for the rest of the day. Or the rest of the time that your attention span will grant you...

Even as your day present problems and details that need to be worked out always remember what the great Captain Jack Sparrow told us: "The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem."

Oh, attitude. I will write/think on you next time....Until then, adieu.

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