Working at home?

10:35 AM

As anyone who has ever tried to work at home knows, it ain't as easy as it sounds.

My husband is someone who wanders a loud every once and awhile about working at home. He has this starry eyed vision of working in his sweats with a cup of hot coffee and the ability to walk around or take a break or see the yard or put things off....etc.

I finally told him the other day that there is no way he could ever work from home. He looked at me with wide, bug eyes, shocked to the core that I would say something like that.

First of all, I said, ticking one finger back, there is no real study in this house and you are someone who needs peace and quiet to finally hunker down and work.

Secondly, it isn't that you get to wake up later than usual, actually you have to wake up earlier than usual. Of course, that is assuming that you are taking the girls into school now that you work at home and have more flexibility. But when you drive them in you have to count that you are wasting 1.5 hrs of your time. And that quick trip to the grocery store on your way home? Another 45 minutes gone.

Thirdly, you actually have to be more organized. You have to make your lunches as though you are going to work otherwise you will again waste precious time cooking or sandwich assembling or whatnot.

Fourthly, you have to learn to say no. Once people know you work at home they assume that you have as much freedom as a person who does not work and treat you as such. Nothing wrong with to having a job. I've been there many years. There is still plenty of stuff to do at home, but once you do start to work and it is at home, people just don't shift their focus very well.

Which brings me to the fifth point. If you work at home at something that is still not physical or visual, people look at you like you are some kind of wannabe. As you get your startup going, our book published, your photography set up, your website in order, people assume that you are playing around or not really working, or think you can "do that whenever". And sometimes you start thinking that as well. You start putting other things ahead of your work because you don't see the tangible output from the input.

And it can take a lot of effort to rip those thoughts out of your head.

My last point to my husband was: working at home is frustrating because you see all the other work you need to get done around you, you see the minutes fly and suddenly it is time to get the kids and you only have .00008 of the stuff done that you were supposed to get done. Now, it WOULD work for my husband if he kept me as the person who made his lunches and picked up the house to keep away the distractions and made sure the house was quiet and took the girls in and picked them up and did the lawn work and cooked dinner and did the cleaning and brought him that hot cup of coffee.

Then it might work for him.

Prudently, he turned away and left without saying another word. Though I do not know what his thoughts were or are on the subject, I do believe I got MINE across.

Bottom line? I need a maid/secretary/organizer/trainer/cook/barista!

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