Just a gym bag

10:43 AM

Usually I try to plan my day the night before. Nothing set in stone, although some days I have so many things I try to plan out the hours...which I am never able to stay within the parameters of...
Most nights it is simply pencilling in what I had planned to do and then trying to stick to it. But today was not like that. There were things I wanted to get done, things I needed to get done, stuff that could wait until the weekend but probably wouldn't get done on the weekend....coupons to use and GAP cash to not allow to expire. You get the idea.

This morning I laid in bed after my alarm went off and tried to go back to sleep, but instead my mind was rather concerned with the fact that I only had a jumble of ideas for today but no actual plan. Should I go to the gym? How would I go tomorrow if I don't go today? I map out a timeline for Saturday and figure that between the shopping for the presents for the Church Christmas and using my coupons for the things that stop being on sale today I didn't have time for the gym.

Ok. No gym. Just shopping. Then come home and clean, pick up, eat, possibly write something.

Semi good.

One minute away from school Queenie annouces she forgot her gym bag.
"But that's okay because one time So-and-So forgot hers and her mom left it at the reception. I have gym after the last recess so you have time to bring it."

Looking back I should have kept my mouth shut, grinned and beared it. Instead I gave in to my frustration and told her that while it was nice I had time to get it done, it was going to mean that I have to go all the way home and come all the way back, and I would be in the car for an hour just to do that.

Seriously. As though I've never forgotten anything. But I think my body was already prepping for this mega headache I am having now as well as trying to get over the diabolical way in which my eldest decided to act this morning simply because she got a word wrong while reviewing her spelling list. Unfortunately I seem to have a rather long memory in the way of my children's attitudes and between last night and this morning I was a bit short on grace.

My plan was shot to the ground. And I felt a bit like I was out on the open water.

Which isn't really new these days.

After hitting one store I decided to head home and unload. Then I made a sandwich, took some pain killers and hit the road again. GAP was a big waste of time so I dashed out again as quick as possible. Not before scraping my car against another car though. Awesome. My perception is always off when I have a migraine. But it was nothing in the end so I kept moving along.

Dropped off gym bag and it was then 12:10pm. If I go home that is another 25 minutes in the car just to have to turn around and come back slightly 1.5 hrs later.

I should have grabbed my own gym bag but honestly between the traffic getting there and the traffic back I would end up spending almost another hour in the car. So, almost glad I do not have the option.

Instead I will catch up on my blogging, possibly get some things read and perhaps even work on my website. That is, if I don't fall asleep. Which is why I wanted to go home originally today. To be able to lie down if needed as sleep seems to be a distant friend this week. But perhaps, instead of raking the billions of yellow leaves scattered across my front lawn I will slip in a movie and pretend to watch with my eyes closed.

Again I learn the life lesson that no matter how much or how little you plan as a mom, even something as simple as a left behind gym bag can change it all. For the good or for the bad. The migraine would have come anyway so I am going to say this has been for the good as it helped me catch up with the blog. Though i really shouldn't publish this util my head is set to rights. Does this even make any sense?

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