What's the point?

8:15 PM

   Firecracker's newest question is "What's the point?" She says it all the time and not always in the right way. Usually not in the correct way, actually. Whenever she is crabby or frustrated she ends up asking it about everything. Ever.y.thing.


Normally I respond with a "Hmmm" or "Uh-huh" or "Not sure, baby."

Today as I was brushing her hair, which is usually like THE WORST THING in the morning for her, she was quickly getting very crabby. With each tangle her voice got deeper and scratchier. Finally she screeched out her favorite phrase "What's the point of having long hair?"

Instead of my usual, without thinking, a question popped out of my mouth, "Well, what would happen if you didn't have long hair? You wouldn't get long braids, you would have short ones."

"And then my sister would have longer hair then me!"

(Horror of horrors!)

Turning the question around from "what's the point?" to "what would happen if I took this all away?" helped her find the answer to the original question. And so she stopped screeching and ended up smiling, getting ready and finally getting into the car.

But as we drove to school through the fog I started to think on it all again. Because while I teach my children with things that have clearly not come from my own understanding, I find that I am being taught as well.

How many times do we as mom's want to scream "What is the point?"? Maybe dads do that too, but I'm a mom so....

And sometimes we don't even ask that question with those words. Sometimes we just feel this down feeling that has everything to do with mopping the kitchen floor only for a cup of milk to fall on it, to do homework with a kid only to find out the other kid had been writing on the walls while you were doing that, or to find yourself yet again sitting around waiting for kids to finish dance class and you once again forgot your book. So you do nothing. Total waste of time.

So what is the point?

Well, what if we didn't do those things?

If we didn't mop or clean at some point our house would be even filthier. To the point where our mother in law would probably call the cops. Or CPS.

If we didn't do homework with our kids we wouldn't know what they were doing, how well they were doing it, where they are struggling and what the teacher is CLEARLY doing wrong. (dry humor, sorry). And if we didn't let the toddler some time alone? They would grow up crazy. Of course we go crazy trying to repaint that wall, but that is a rabbit hole...

If we didn't take kids to dance or soccer or tai kwon do then we would not only be total mom losers in which we would have nothing to post on facebook, we would either end up having screaming children for more hours at our own house after school or we would drain our budget paying someone to get those children out of our house.

Humor aside, I am learning to look at things differently and turn questions around, which helps us all see the world and life in a different light. Not always better, but different. But sometimes, just by turning around our question we can find the answer and feel better.

One thing accomplished today: I found "the point"!

Is it not funny that I had a picture of me braiding her hair? Thanks Craftybetty!

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