The morning light

9:37 PM

I have determined so before, to wake up early and reorganize my life and each time I have failed. Was it due to the babies, the breastfeeding, the staying up late?
Or was it due to self-doubt and the selfish desire to sleep more than to work?
The morning sunrise winks at me now and I wink back.
Instead of pulling a pillow over my head I get up, shower and read.
I write out my prayers and yet pray for more time.
There is never enough time.
I am considering getting up still earlier.
Or perhaps chucking my phone into the trash during the morning.
Darn Pinterest stealing my time.
Fourteen days in and I relish these mornings.
I jealously guard them against anyone tiny human who decides to wake up early suddenly.
The morning light now welcomes me and I no longer wish it to go away.
There are days I am tired and surprisingly days that I am not, but the most exciting thing is the number of days I have seen the light.

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