Toilet cleaning can be fun

7:19 PM

This last weekend I visited my bestie. We spent one whole afternoon together shopping and hanging out just like we were still in high school...just with husbands and children waiting for us back home....! It is amazing to be around her. She is so insightful, has so much to teach me just by being herself and, though she doesn't realize it, she gives great lessons about life using the toilet as an example.

Let me explain. No one was sitting on the toilet. Yes, with seven children running around there is always some sort of talk about potties or pee or poop or something....but oddly enough this was not one of those times.

We were talking about how to teach our children to have fun and be excited even about small things. So she brings up the toilet. She says, "Walk into my house and just randomly ask if anyone wants to clean the toilet. I bet you a dollar four heads will pop up with interested eyes!"

Why? Because one day she went into the bathroom and made a HUGE deal about how much fun it was to swish the scrubber around and make the toilet blue. She talked about how she could make bubbles and look how much fun it was to scrub around and around and then, and THEN, she got to flush the potty and watch it turn transparent again and pop the scrubber off into the trash. What?!? So much fun!

Then she walked away and hid her smile as four children asked if they could do the next one.

Isn't she BRILLIANT?

And isn't that so true about our own selves? If we talk about how lame something is, how irritating it is, how boring and stupid and horrible it is the task at hand becomes about 100x worse than it really was in the first place.

What if we didn't talk about how terrible work was or how bad traffic is or what a pain in the bum a 30 year old house can be? What if instead, we talked out loud about how fun it was to learn to fix stuff, how wonderful it was to watch a paper get copied 200x times, how great it was to be in the car listening to music or spending time talking to our kids?
"Isn't this fun? Isn't this a blast? Look at that car! Look at that bird! What?!? Did you see that, hear that, know that?"

What if we, as adults, could learn to see the fun and teach our kids the same thing? Maybe the activity wasn't what you thought, or trick or treat didn't turn out how you planned or the party was a little on the boooorrring side. If we show our kids and ourselves the negative they are going to respond negatively and so are we. And we are going to end up with a terrible memory best thrown out. But we could change that. We could make it a good memory, a good day, a good time, simply by changing our attitude.

Wow, toilets really can be a teaching tool!

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