The world says I'm too old

3:46 AM

Hitting thirty is supposed to be such a milestone. Society, the people around us, our friends, our family, they all build it up in our heads from the time we are teenagers. We are made to look to those who are thirty and feel a mixture of pity (Gah, they are so old!) and awe (they must know everything, or at least close, by the time they are thirty. I mean, they must be pretty wise, right?) Have you ever read those interviews from famous people talking about what they learned in their twenties and how much better they are now that they are thirty? Those things made me think I would be so intelligent and wise and successful and happy and content and, and, and...when I was thirty. At least there was something good to getting OLD, right?

Sorry, I'm laughing too hard to type right now.

Ok. I'm fine now.

Old? Sure don't really feel it. Like my grandma says, "I don't feel old...until I look in the mirror." :) (love you, Grandmaw!)

I talk to teenagers and I feel like I'm not too much older, but the truth is that I am over twice their age! What! Don't tell my niece! She still thinks I'm cool...

And this whole thing about having it so together? Well, that depends on the person. And the area of life.

But you know the worst thing about turning 30? You are supposed to be somewhere because most people in the world think that is about as far as you will go. Yes, you may travel more or move up in the company a bit more....but when you talk to people getting to their mid thirties or towards the end you actually hear them talking about retirement! Isn't that 20 years away?

I have nothing against planning. On the contrary. But I feel, as someone who, when I was a child, always wanted to be older, that a lot of our society is always looking so far ahead that we start almost acting as though we can't do any more in the present. Does that make sense? Almost lik being in your mid thirties the only thing you have to look forward to is retirement. You've had your first kiss, first date, first marriage (hopefully one and only....but things happen), your first child, first job, first, first, first.

There are some more firsts you could add depending on your situation...but you get the idea. You almost start looking back and thinking that your youth is behind you. And youth being behind you means that all the firsts and excitement are behind you as well.

But that is not what we are taught here. That is not the atmosphere. Here women of all ages from 13-99 tell each other that they can do more and achieve more. Here there is encouragement in what we are doing or trying to do or even just thinking and dreaming about doing. Here we receive encouragement, love and smiles when we tell our dreams. Here we believe that if you put some discipline behind those dreams and keep them before your eyes, you can and will soar. You will soar so far you might not even have time to think about that terrible retirement plan of doing nothing or that vague dream of "helping someone someday". Instead you will be checking the box and moving on to the next one, as you see just how exciting life can be at any stage.

God wants so much more for you and me. He has so much more planned for each and everyone of us. We just need to dream higher and stop thinking the best is behind us. Or that having kids messed all of that up. Or that losing that job means we failed too hard to try again. Or that missing the point all those years ago mean we shouldn't try again now that we are older.

No! Just come here and we will show you:

Want to know what IT is? It is ICING, Terri Savelle Foy's ministry. If you want encouragement and to be taught more just go to or find her on YouTube. I am not her employee (though I would LOVE that!), I just know I have learned so much from her and believe she has a blessing on her to teach us that there is so much more to life than this! Whatever THIS is. Even if it is already good, there is more. Even if it sucks, there is better. So much better you won't believe where you came from!

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