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It's hard to be in Kindergarten when you are the second born of three girls. Older sisters like to show off that they know everything you are learning, never once mentioning that there was a time they did not know such things. Little sisters like to grab and take and not share while you are learning to do just the opposite...and because you are big and five and in kindergarten you get punished while little sister gets a stern warning.
There are good things about kindergarten, especially when your teachers love you for your joy and greet you with "Good Morning, sunshine." You do get one more year without homework while big sister must sit and work for what seems like ages on end. And you get to play in the big playground while little sister in confined to the baby playground at school. And the biggest bonus? Because you are so big and so joyful and your classroom is next door, little sister's teacher come to get you when little sister is crying and when you give your little sister a hug she seems to do much better the rest of the day.
And you get to be proud that you are big.

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