Headmaster Coffee hour

6:46 AM

Did I inform anyone that I signed up to be a room parent? Ha! I wanted to know more about the school, be more involved....and now I am wondering what the heck I signed up for.

It is supposedly mandatory for us room parents to go to these Headmaster coffees which sounded like a social hour to me. A time to get to know the other parents and the school admin.

It is not a social hour. It is the admin sitting at the front of the room with the parents facing them....and it literally becomes a face off.


What is with some parents wanting more homework? If your kid is in Kindergarten, stop asking for more homework! Go out and buy them a workbook and tell them it is homework 'cause the kids in third grade have quite enough homework. They have spelling in French and English, math in French and English (these are separate classes with separate curriculums and separate homework), they have grammar in French and English, they have projects in Spanish, they have a poem to memorize every other week and they have to read one book a week. Plus they have just random thrown in homework that takes a parent by surprise every once and awhile. Just wait, your kid will have homework. And then you will rue the day you asked for more work.

This also goes for the parents with one kid. We all choose how many kids we want and have, but seriously! Stop with the more homework! I have three kids, one being a toddler, and I am ALONE after school. Give us other mothers a break and make up your own homework! There are a million homeschooling guides online that you could make your genius of a kid do! GAH!

Then there are the parents with their own private crusades: fully organic cafeteria (can some say "$8 lunch"? It is already $5.50 to eat at the cafeteria! and it is GMO free.), changing the car pool (our carpool line sucks, but it is a tiny parking lot and there is no way to make it better), complaining that the first graders are now on the other side during before school away from the playground and have to stand around instead of play if they are dropped off forty minutes before the bell (coming from France where there was no playground at all I'm like "meh". In France the first graders are told "you are now big, grow up and deal with the change". Of course you cannot say that here in America. No one will understand why you are being so mean.), what course of discipline will be taken with each kind of offense (I am not kidding. This woman wanted to start a war!) or why the cafeteria is so loud and pushing the admin to accept parent volunteers to help in the cafeteria (um.....not me, thanks. Please not me!)

I thinks it's great that in America we have a voice...but sometimes we use that voice for such little things. Although, I guess if these are their crusades, then perhaps to these moms and dads the issues do not seem so little. But it is funny when you come from Europe where you have no voice at school. A bit of a culture shock.

And you want to know who the worst ones are? Who argue the most with the admin and make the meeting go 30 minutes longer?

The Europeans!


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