Fall and football

6:11 AM

But not really football, because I know nothing about football and don't care to know. Seriously. Just don't. Okay? I get enough with the "Real Madrid is playing so we have to get home NOW!" thing. Erg. Apparently football is popular here. I find it is popular for me to go shopping while those cowboy guys play because everyone else is at home in front of their televisions.

So there is something good about football.

Someone the other day tried to talk to me about the Packers and I had to apply the fake smile to my face. Haven't got a clue, y'all.

And not really even fall.

How can we talk about fall when the weather is so hot that we spent five hours in the pool just yesterday? What am I even doing looking at butternut squash soup on Pinterest? How can it be that Halloween will be here soon and we will be wearing shorts instead of braving the icy wind in our flimsy costume made in China?

In short, where is fall, Dallas? Where are the colors and the hot apple cider and the pumpkin picking with cute beanies on toddlers' heads? There are no beanies here! The toddlers would go into heat stroke!

Ah! Why do I keep moving to places that don't have a proper fall? Where frost appears in the morning and your hot coffee is a hand warmer instead of a sweat inducer?

I love fall. Always have. I miss it. I have an entire stack of sweaters waiting to be worn. Each time I go into a shop I am drawn like a moth to a flame to the sweaters only to laugh in my head at the very idea of buying them right now. The only good use for them is in the icy pizza parlor. Perhaps that is the Texan fall: the freezing pizza parlor where you get to finally wear your sweater. Of course you would have to take it off once you get outside...

Oh, fall where art thou? Perhaps one day I will see you again. As my friend goes to Paris this weekend just in time to enjoy fall and how jealous I am. Next time I see it will be in the sweltering summer unless a volcano erupts somewhere in the Pacific isle causing a black cloud to cover the earth and change the weather so intensely that it snows in England in July.

One could always dream.....

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