A ghost? A cat?

8:06 AM

I used to hate the night. And yet I loved it. I was afraid of what the darkness could hide, but I loved to be in it...as long as I was snuggled up and hidden from anything that might come out and hurt me.

When I was six and I had to wake up in the middle of the night I would literally leap off of my bed and land at least three feet away from the edge. Because the monsters didn't want to reach that far out to grab me. Of course leaping out was not as difficult as leaping back in. Usually I would run for dear life and then snuggled down deep, my entire head under the covers because I knew the monsters were mad at me for escaping them again.

Wow. I was a little scaredy cat!

While I had a hard time sleeping in high school and college I did not get over my fear of the night. If I was in my room I was good. If I had to go downstairs I would eye the front windows with trepidation. What if someone was out there? I don't want to be the one to catch them!

When I was about 16 I was in bed once while my brother and his friends were downstairs. My sister wasn't there for some reason. I was alone in my bed when suddenly I heard this strange scratching sound near my door. I froze. There was no way I was getting up to investigate. In all probabilities it was my mom's cat. Right?

Yes. Of course it was. But then, why didn't it make more noise? Maybe I should let it out. My throat will start to itch if I don't. But what if it attacks me when I get up because I scare it? And yet, it couldn't really be the cat, could it? Because it would be making more noise if it was. Unless it was getting ready to attack me...or possessed....or if it was something entirely different.....

My heart was still with dread.

Then the door burst open and I almost peed my pants. It was ust my brother. I cannot remember what he was there for but I do remember asking, in a very small voice, if he could take the cat out, that I thought it was behind the door. Which is ridiculous because she would not have stayed back there. He looked at me funny and then looked behind my door.

"It's just your poster that fell down, Kat, geez."

I could tell he was rolling his eyes and, yes, I felt stupid. But I slept well after that. Sometimes a girl just needs her brother to check.

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