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Well, a long while has passed since I sat down to write on the blog. I considered deleting it, I considered actually writing in it. I have fully considered moving it and even started the process only to be told by the hosting site that my sample time is over.....and I did nothing to set it up yet!

That is what moving to another country will do to you. I should have been more diligent in writing, because there were about a million things to write about. But I went though a kind of blogging drought that made me just drop the whole thing entirely.

I started thinking it was all too personal. I started thinking that no one was reading. Then several people asked me to start posting again and once again I thought I would be giving away too much information. Too personal.

Trouble is, I need to decide what I want to write about here. Do I want to be raw and honest, even if it might place me in a different light in your eyes? Remember, many times when we write in the raw we are simply being who we are in that moment. Perhaps it has nothing to do with how we are during the day. Perhaps it was simply a high or a low or something inbetween.

But readers don't always keep that in mind.

So, I ask myself over and over: where is this blog going? What is the purpose?

The new blog, once I get it set up and get the pictures I want on it, has a purpose of being a place for me to write as well as a place for me to promote my work and other people's work who I like, love, adore.

But, as often happens, I felt this summer like I shouldn't writer here in blogger if my true intention is to move the blog over to another site and set it up connected to a website. So I did nothing. Remember the parable about the master who gave his slaves money and the one who put his money in the ground was sent to jail? Well, I won't send myself to jail but I can see my folly now.

I should have used my outlet to share the things going on in my life. I should have written it all down.

The low down is that we moved to Texas. That is the easy version of the story. The longer version is that our closing in June was cancelled due to ineptness on the broker's end. It cost us $3000 to convince the sellers to stay with us. Then our closing was cancelled again in July due to the VP at the broker company messing up. You wouldn't think it could happen twice, would you? So our realtor and their realtor scrambled to find a different lender and finally we closed just two weeks ago. Three days before school started and two weeks after we moved to Texas.


Our house is lovely. We are so excited to not be in an apartment, even though taking care of a pool is proving to be harder than we thought, mowing the grass kinda sucks and not having a fence yet around the pool causes me to have to stop unpacking to supervise Chatterbox. Which in turn leads to the house still being in a HUGE disarray.

In the midst of all this I have had some minor health issues that I still haven't checked out. Who has time? Seriously. Our move though is weird compared to most moves as we are coming into the house with only half the stuff you really need for a house. No kitchen stuff, no bathroom stuff, no blankets or sheets or beds or pillows or couch.....Thank goodness I had some furniture and some plates packed up from when we got married almost 10 years ago! My grandmother is also awesome because she spent her life storing up furniture for her grandkids which means we have a formal dining table, desks, dressers, lamps, ect. Not everything we need, but it certainly keeps us from spending more than we already have to spend. Which is a lot.

Which brings me to the car and the suburbs. I love the city and I am beginning to hate my car. And the suburbs. Why does each shopping plaza have to be so far away from each other? WHY????? And why are there so many banks and fast food places in America? And the one I REALLY need an answer for: Why are there so many Donut cafes in Dallas? I mean really, do people eat that many donuts here? Anyone know the answer to that? Cause it is so, so weird.....

My hips hurt and my right calf in tight from driving all the time. Since we are still in the market for beds and a table and so forth, I spend my day driving up and down North Dallas in search of a price we can afford and the things we like and need. That is after I take the girls to school. Then I pick then up and take them to dance or whatever they have and try to find something to do with the other two at the same time. It stinks no knowing a city. And this city has no parks, which also stinks. Of course it is WAY too hot to play at a that is probably one reason for that....

It is so hot my green bananas turned spotted in two days.

I am trying to love this new life as much as I love my house. I know there is a purpose for us being here. I know that. But moving is always hard. And it is especially hard on the stay at home mom because I don't actually get to talk to anyone all day except the cashiers and then my kids.

Friends will take time. I know. This is the forth time I have moved countries. But this time I left behind some amazing friends and I have to admit that I miss them. A lot.

To the point that when a tiny asian lady showed me where the lime leaves where at the Asian Supermarket I started crying because all I could think about were my friends in Toulouse and our common craving for Thai food, and PK teaching us to make her native food and our good conversation around the table.....

I think the lady thought I was having a minor crisis.

Which I was. And still am.

But will be curing with a bit of rousing unpacking.

Moving is awesome.

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