Holy Money, y'all!

12:28 PM

   When you think of Dallas do you think of riches? 

Honestly I never thought about Dallas before I moved here. It simply wasn't on my radar. But if someone asked me that question I would ponder and say, "Yes, I guess there is probably a lot of money there."

It's Texas. There's oil. And then everything that goes along with oil and industry, right? Plus there is the fact that it is growing so much the highways can't keep up. So there must be money and jobs somewhere, right?

While I come from a middle-to-upper middle class family, I have never really been in contact with SUPER wealth. Have you? I have friends who have more money than me. Lots of them. I also and very blessed at this point in our marriage to have a cushion and that makes me feel oh-so-rich, let me tell ya! 

I have been to big houses that made me say, "Wow! How beautiful!" all the while realizing that it was worth about four to six times my house. And my house is pretty darn awesome!

But I have never pulled up to a residence and answered Principe's question of "Is this a HOUSE?" with "It's gotta be like a rich community gathering hall or something. This can't be a house."

And then been totally wrong.

Until last Sunday.

Have you ever been to a house where you introduce yourself to the person opening the door only to be greeted with, "I'm just the house manager?"

Yep. That's when I realized it was, indeed, a house. Well, a mansion. A beautiful one at that. Boy was I glad I didn't change into shorts like I wanted to! We walked in with a sleeping Chatterbox slung over my shoulder knowing no one, Firecracker hiding behind my skirts and Queenie exclaiming, "This is a house?!?"

I mean, people, this place had marble floors, indoor pool with four separate changing/toilet and shower rooms with a phone in each, a pond we could see far off, antiques lining the one other room we walked through and a yard that took up an entire block. And don't think that was some ranch. We could see the Dallas skyline from the outdoor pool. Yes. There was an outdoor and indoor pool. There were also two nannies: a Spanish speaker and a French speaker.

I introduced myself to a few people and then sat down. I had no idea who the hostess was or what she looked like, but Chatterbox was heavy and it was hot. The house manager brought me a water and a lady sat down next to me. She asked about me and I asked about her. She mentioned homeschooling and I went on and on about how courageous I thought parents were to do that. She quietly replied that she paid people to do it. She informed me that she was a widow, a lawyer and a mom of three under the age of 8 at 63 years of age. 

That's a lot of info! I kept going on speaking to her about myself and asking about her life as a lawyer until I finally realized that SHE was the hostess!

You know that moment when you are still talking to someone but you are also mentally going over everything already said to see if you slipped up? Well, I know that feeling now!

There was an international school in Toulouse but we didn't go. Even if we had gone I don't think we would have found families there who had such exorbitant wealth. Families with more money than us? Of course. Families that owned the 14th most expensive house in Dallas? Probably not. I have no idea what her net worth is, but I do know she made it all herself along with her husband. Kudos. From money they did not come. But money they do have. And while there were a few others at the party that seemed middle class, it was clear that more than not leaned towards that 1%. One lady lived down the street. Another was a building a "large house" a few streets over. 

It was eye opening. And exciting, I have to say! Like my friend said, "The Great Gatsbies of Dallas!"

I am not sure what we are doing in the midst of it all but I do believe there is a plan. God has a plan and I believe we can have an impact. Even from our home in Carrollton that has parquet instead of marble floors! 

One thing I might adopt is a house manager though. Do you think she cooks as well?

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