Walkin through the past

11:18 AM

One of the best things about living in Europe is when you read a historical novel and you walk out into the street....you can actually envision what the novel is describing. Seriously. Look at this place. This downtown Toulouse.

The middle class.

The working class.

Shop owners.

More wealthy.

My favorite....

I have no idea what decade each of these are from, but I still love looking at them. It's been five years and I still love to walk through the streets and imagine what they used to look like, What used to be where the ship or restaurant is, how they used to be distributed before the wars came and made things change. 

Obviously there is new with the old. Mostly 1960s and 1970s stuff that is a real eye sore. They  must have decided to change tactics after that and try to keep with the historical look. And all the poor areas are gone, destroyed and remade. As in any city, once you get outside the center you start seeing ugly high rises and then just normal suburbia. I prefer the centre. And my morning walks through the past. 

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