Meeting my best friend

8:35 AM

Have I ever told you how bad my memory is? I don't know what my problem is but I cannot. for the life of me, remember things that other people can remember in detail. So, this memory may be a mixture of one or two memories. But, the underlying theme is the same: sometimes you never know you will end up being your best friend....or something like that.

I went to a small, private school for the majority of my life. It wasn't just small, it was tiny. Every new school year brought maybe one or two or three new kids to the school, and us old students would sniff them out to see who would go to what group. Could we add them to our tiny group? Or would they choose that other group over there?

My group was a bit outcasty, if there is such a word. My parents were divorced and Ali's parents were not as involved as they "should" have been. Plus we dyed our hair..gasp! I know, talk about small. school.

Was it nineth grade? Betty will have to tell me, but I think it was. She came in. Tall, blond and confident. She smiled a lot and seemed like fun.

But she wore a black dress with brown tights. It may have been a brown dress with black tights. Either way, Ali frowned and I agreed, since I had already been set straight by her the previous ear. Something just don't go together, she said, black and navy, white and cream, and black and brown.

But we were not like the Hollywood teenagers. This fashion faux pas was not something that would keep us from allowing her in. No, in fact, we wanted her in. She was boisterous and fun and liked to talk and sing and was Problem was, the goody group was eyeing her, too.

I do remember Ali whispering to me, "We gotta get her. Fast." Or something along those lines...:)

Ali worked her charms and not sure what I did. We had the love of photography in common, crazy parent and Jewel. It was destined from the start. And here we continue.

She came to our group and we had a great one and a half years. Then she moved away and we stayed in touch...always keeping our ties tied tight, her and I. Somehow we kept it going, even separated by half a world.

Love you, Betty! If this is not true don't say anything. I would like to pretend I can remember something right....

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