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Doesn't that word have an awesome sound to it? Lu-gu-bri-us. Luguuuuuuubrious.

What does it mean? I had to look it up, too. Thanks to my kindle I am not longer that lazy reader who passes over words I don't really  know, content with the partial meaning ti get from the phrase that enwraps it. Nope, now I Look. Words. Up.

I know. I know. It is a momentous discovery, this dictionary thing.

Not really. But seriously, as much as I love writing and am I stickler for grammar and used to actually spend time reading the dictionary because my best friend and I had this weird, unspoken competition about how big our vocabularies were, I find that in the last decade my vocabulary may have decreased. At least a little. Okay, well, it certainly didn't increase.

And with little girls now asking about what words mean I find that while I know the implied meaning behind almost all words, many words I don't know the actual dictionary meaning, which is always the most straight forward. In my opinion it is the easiest starting point.

So now I am making cards. And expanding the ol' noggin. Because it's never too late right?

Besides, I have another reason: between the Spanish and the French I find myself literally inventing English words. Just a few lines up I was certain there was such a word as monumentous. There isn't. I have no idea where I pulled that one from. Mixture of Spanish and English? Maybe? My mind simply forgetting the real word and replacing it with made up stuff? More than likely.

There problem with that is that I am not Shakespeare and no one will applaud me making up words. They just look at me funny or outright laugh. I would laugh, too. If I wasn't so concerned about my intelligence being washing down the drain with the dirty dish water.

Apparently you become like the five people you hang around the most. So I have become like a 7,4 and 1 year old. Quite literally. I have been content to use a small amount of words in order to not waste tie explaining meanings all the time. But I am no longer content with this. It is detrimental both to myself and my kids. So, No MORE!

Want to know what got me started? I was reading a Rose Lerner historical romance. Yes, yes. I read romance. Not the crappy stuff. And there is a lot of that. Of course there are simply a lot of crappy books out there these days, no matter what the genre. But good romance books have deep characters and plots, set in historical times. Yes, sex, too. But then, isn't sex a part of our lives too? I'm not talking erotica that is written like pictureless porn.

Enough defending. If you want to look down, go right ahead. If you want to read, I recommend Rose Lerner. Why? She has an awesome vocabulary! I swear! She uses words I would never use in every day life, even though they are perfectly awesome words and work well. She also pulls some really big ones out that made me consult the dictionary. I love it! Making me learn. Making me grow.

So thanks to Rose Lerner I am growing in another area. Perfect!

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