ABC poem

1:21 PM

At the break of the morning my fitbit vibrates
Bringing me into reality
Complete with little beings in my bed.
Defying gravity I rise and
Ease into the kitchen.
Fixing coffee, pancakes, and toast
Getting backpacks and change of clothes
Having a quick shower and out we go
I make my way to daycare,
Just two miles down the road
Keeping pace with others in high heeled shoes.
Limited to two hours to write down the fictitious world
Marching against time is my peril
Never getting enough words down.
Oh, now it's time to bail
Priceless image; watching her singing
Queen of the world, she claims to be
Rings sweetly close to her sisters' aims!
Singing we march on home to eat, to nap, to play,
To cook dinner and pick up the house
Up the stairs again, it's homework time
Vacuum up the spilt crackers and pasta
We share a story, take a bath
eXit this day with a yell and a splash
Young little ladies, snug in their beds
Zzzzzzzzz, mama's now nodding her head

Mama's Losin' It My contribution to Mama Kat's prompt to write a poem starting with the letter A and going through the alphabet.

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