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Over at Mama Kat's Losin' It one of the writing prompts today was:

If you could have given yourself a snapshot five years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?

I am all over this one. 

Five years ago I was six months preggers with my second and about to move to France. Wha! That was five years ago!!!! Wow.

Back then I complained in my head about my long mommy days and how tired I was and how little time I had to do stuff. I told people I couldn't get much work done at home when really I had simply stopped trying and instead had turned my efforts to blogging and reading blogs. I still read the news....

If I could have handed myself a snapshot of now with two more kids, homework, a BURNING desire to work, Principe's RIDICULOUS working hours, the state of my house, the perpetual laundry, the fighting between siblings, the dinner cooking I have come to hate, etc, I am pretty sure....

...I am a stubborn person so I would have had the two more kids anyway. BUT perhaps the snapshot could have encouraged me to learn to manage my time a bit wiser WHILE I HAD THE TIME! I mean, looking back one kid sounds like heaven. I didn't have to put her to nap at the same time everyday just because I would have to wake her to go get siblings. Nope, nap could be later or earlier, no big deal. And because of that I didn't have to sprint to the store, by-passing the park because we don't have time, etc. I didn't have to run with her in my arms to get one sister at ballet and another at judo. Nope, evenings were what we wanted. Usually spent playing animals or coloring. 

   Wow, seriously sounds easy now. I was 28 and still rather judgemental and still kinda thought I knew a lot more than I actually did. The snapshot would have helped lower me off the soapbox. Not very gently either. Looking at the snapshot I would have been horrified at how much I end up yelling or how little patience I can have with homework or with the little one whining. Again, I had lofty ideas and little experience. Perhaps the snapshot would have led me to bettering myself a lot sooner, perhaps. Perhaps not. I was one of those that thought I could only learn if I was going to class. Now, I know better.

 I might have been horrified for a moment by the state of the house, the amount of time spent running errands, the homework and the countless evenings spent husbandless, but then my eyes would be opened to the three blessings, the salary raise that made it possible for me to go home often, the awesomeness that is now youtube, podcasts and kindle. The great husband that still adores me no matter how crazy I get and the awesome changes that God is bringing about. The snapshot might instill initial fear, but the bright side would gleam through within seconds and I would continue on the same path, choosing to change little (thought I totally should have learned to manage time and organize my house and.....)

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