New? Year

6:27 AM


New year. New resolutions. 

There is something about January that makes us feel like everything should be different and brighter. We are all set to lose weight, earn more money finish that degree, run that marathon, etc. I know. I feel it too. Got my list of resolutions and my determination.

And yet as we get back into school and work and the winter blahs I see that nothing is actually different 

It still takes me an hour to get Chatterbox down to bed, I am still struggling to find a way to convince my kids to obey and cooperate without yelling at them (and usually failing miserably), I still feel the day slipping by without getting much work done, I still find myself eating whatever is on hand instead of sitting down and making something healthy for lunch....

Nothing is new. Old habits are so hard to break. They need more than one night filled with champagne drinking, grape eating and fireworks (that's rockin it Spanish style on New Year's Eve) to be broken. 

So I am doing things a bit differently. Vision board up. Spending time to get things posted up on it. Getting up early. Fighting for my territory. 

AKA pushing myself to use the patience I know I have but don't use, fighting to use my time wisely, fighting to find a way to show my little family how much I love them, fighting to take care of myself by exercising and eating right.

This year I will be fighting harder than ever. Which won't take much since I don't think I ever really fought for any of these things before now. I never fought. I just wished they would happen. And they didn't because it takes more than written down resolutions. It takes a fight. And this year I'm fighting.

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