Bemma says "come"

2:26 PM

There was once  little, tiny girl named Bemma. She was smaller than everyone around her, though that rarely kept her down. Yes, she had to look up every time someone called her name, but she saw no importance in that. In fact, with her tininess she could fit into many places others could not and could climb things that others could not, albeit with some huffing and puffing. One great advantage to being little tiny was that the bigger people seemed to think it made her 'cute' and therefore rarely said no when she complained of being tired and asked to be held.

Yes, being tiny had its conveniences.

She may have been little but she saw no determinant in her size to anything she wanted to do or get done. It did not keep her from learning to talk, although it seemed the big people around her often smiled at her when she did speak and rarely did what she said unless she screamed it at a high pitch. The one she called Papa usually regretted making her scream so much that he almost always compensated what he said no to by giving her chocolate.

Ah, chocolate. What Bemma called "come." At first, for some reason the big one called Mama cringed each time Bemma said "come, come" but she soon got over it and was herself calling chocolate come in order to be understood by Bemma at times. You must understand that Bemma is on her way to being trilingual and while she is ready to talk and said quite a bit in her own way, she had yet, at the time this story was written, to master many words that the big people understood. She usually mastered them by way of repitition until her tongue could manage to position itself correctly and repeat. This happened with the word up one day as she climbed the stairs one step at a time, her older sister repeating "up, up" to encourage her along. Finally Bemma's tongue repeated it correctly, making all those around her clap and smile. From that day on she made it a point to say "up" whenever she could.

With chocolate this same sister was one evening encouraging Bemma to come along faster as they made their way from school to the dance studio, walking. "Come, Bemma, come," the sister said, every other step giving the small one a candy-coated circle chocolate. This was an encouragement that Bemma liked a lot and was quite proud of herself when she managed to repeat "come" with several of this sweet circles in her mouth. From then on whenever someone asked her to "come" she ran to the corner in the kitchen where Mama usually keeps the sweet things. Soon she figured out that the big people say this word "come" for other meanings, but she chose to only use it when meaning one thing: something dark and sweet.

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