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7:58 AM

I am sleep training Chatterbox. She's a tough one to settle down for the night, usually taking about an hour of my time.

It's frustrating.

And easy to run out of patience.

I combat my patience barometer lowering by doing...push-ups.

I'm serious. Weird, I know. But I want stronger arms and one night I was so frustrated I needed to do something. I felt like I was wasting an hour of my night and felt resentment starting to build. So I did some tricep dips. 8 to be exact. Then 8 more.

That was a few weeks ago. I can now do 15 three times through. So I started doing regular push ups. I can now do at least 17 on my toes without stopping. Not that impressive but I have seen change...:)

Now, the problem this week is that I started to add pike push-ups. Where you are basically in downward dog and you push down at an angle. Hits the shoulders. Hard.

My shoulders are so sore it hurts to lie down on a pillow. And yet I was dumb enough not to send Principe with the stroller when he dropped off Chatterbox and had to carry her at least half of the way home. Its almost a mile....

AHHHH! Anyone have a remedy for sore muscles? Or for idiocy while we're at it???

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