Thanks for:

1:20 PM

Who doesn't like them some homemade biscuits? I loooooove biscuits. I am thankful for biscuits. And I'm thankful that they are needed to make some stuffing. Yum. I am also thankful for double batches.

And for three little girls who fill my days with laughter, and fighting, who make me push myself to be more patient, kinder, see the simpler side, step back and relax into life. They make me smile and frown and cause my nerves to be on edge and yet I cannot think of a better way to spend my life

I am thankful for Principe who makes me smile still. Though I do hope he finds a different job position soon. The hours in this one are killer.

My friends. Both near and far.

For Americans here who find Thanksgiving sacred enough to get together and make a potluck dinner the Saturday afterwards. Yea, friends!

And pulled-pork Hawaiian wontons. 'Cause they're my dinner tonight. And they smell delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving America! I miss you!

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