Five minute Friday: NEW

9:30 AM

Ever since I got back to France all I can think about is the sameness. I am restless for something new...when I have time to think about it. The school year is new, we could say, but really it is the same school, the same friends, the same ungodly amounts of homework...the girls are happy which isn't new...Principe's job isn't new. Nothing has changed there. While he tries his best to come home at a decent time it usually ends up being after 8pm.

Why do I need something new? I guess so I don't feel like I'm in the rut of laundry, cooking, cleaning, picking up kids and hauling them around. The other day I spent five hours in the kitchen. While I griped about it to Principe I realized that this isn't really anything new. Again.

So I grasp at straws and wonder....what is new? If someone asks me, what would I say? What should I say? I don't want to say "nothing". So I think, think, think and a light bulb turns on: Chatterbox started school which produces two hours for four days a week that I have to myself to work or run. That is new. While it isn't the 15 hours of writing a week that I am struggling to attain, It is something. And it is, in fact, new.

Wow, that five minutes went fast. Didn't get as much down as I wanted! Here is something else new: my first post for FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS!

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