A pause here, a stutter there...

9:12 AM

A nice, older gentleman stop me in the kiosk as I buy the stamps. When he is interrupted I almost sigh with relief, but then he starts again so I am forced to listen. It is quite witty what he says, not the criticism I was expecting. ..But I couldn't find the right words in French to make a witty comment back. So all I did was smile and say, "true, true."


I have to make a phone call. I hate the phone. I don't like talking to the doctor and asking questions that they don't understand why I am asking them...because I am asking what the rules are basically. Stupidly I talk fast. I'm in a hurry trying to outsmart the whiny one year old chasing me through the house. She doesn't understand. I get flustered and retell the speech. She pauses and says, "sorry, again, I don't understand." Firecracker comes to me with a question. I frantically wave her away as I try to form the right sentence structure in my head. In the end it comes out a bit like this, "Second daughter, coughing, no asthma medicine. Can I have an appointment????"
She sighs and says yes. She is never very nice. Three time she asks me  repeat certain things each question followed by big sighs.

I slap my forehead. Geez .

The teacher pulls me aside. Oh, boy. Here it comes. What did one of my kids do? But it isn't that. It is something nicer, simpler. No big deal. I answer easily, but get too comfortable. The next sentence starts out well but I can't quite remember how to say, "If you are comfortable with that arrangement...." I trail off and try again. And again. Her face twists into confusion and she looks to someone else for help. I say, "You know, yes, we will talk, okay?" Relieved, she nods her head and I slink out.

 I am certain my face is red.

Dropping off Chatterbox is hard. She screams, but the people there are so nice and speak slowly for me and they always smile and they never make me feel bad. On purpose. I speak easier, perhaps due to not feeling that anxiety coming over me. So today I say perfectly, "I will come a quarter of an hour earlier so she won't start to cry." I think I say it perfectly. Her face goes blank. I try again, and she still doesn't understand. I talk try again, this time leaving out all the whys and wherefores and then she smiles. "Okay," she says.


Stutter. Pause. Clearly I have a bit of work to do here......

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