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8:42 PM

Last week I found out what it's like to have family around. I mean REALLY have family around. Not just hanging around and talking, which is nice, but having them there when you need them the most.

Because last week, out of no where, all of a sudden, I woke up sick. After spending a terrible, feverish night I woke up sick. And thank God it was a day that my sister had off work. I went back to bed and hoped that I would feel better by the time Chatterbox needed a nap. When I heard her crying a few hours later I dragged myself downstairs, only to be greeted by a terribly sore throat, an exploding headache and higher fevers. I got Chatterbox down and convinced myself I would be better after another nap.

Not so. When Chatterbox woke up and my sister had to run an errand I squeaked out a phone call to my niece and begged her to come over. Oh! Thank God for family! The rest of the evening and next day were pretty much spent trying to swallow and calm my body down from the trembling that it couldn't seem to avoid. My fevers were so high my body couldn't calm down. Even when the Tylenol kicked in a bit and lowered the temp my body couldn't stop trembling.

I've had strep a lot in my life and I've never had it like this. I was so weak I couldn't hardly stand, let alone walk, let alone pick Chatterbox up. My family pitched in like never before and literally took care of my kids for two days straight. Even after getting antibiotics I still felt like crap. The third day of being sick, 24 hours after getting antibiotics I still needed to stay in bed. I couldn't get out, in fact, until I forced myself to that same afternoon to go to the farm. Because I really wanted to go to the farm. Like, really. So I went. And ate some ice cream.

But that isn't the point. The point is that I wondered, looking back on those days last week, what the heck I wouldn't done in Toulouse with that high of a fever. I couldn't do anything. Literally. I wonder if my super mom powers would have kicked in, but I don't think so. I don't think I had any. I remember thanking God that I was this sick at home in Wisconsin and not in France.

Wow. For all of you who have family near you to pitch in when you're sick, that is awesome. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. I mean, my kids barely noticed I was gone. The only reason they knew I had a fever is because the family had to give them a reason why they had to ask them and not me for candy. And apparently uncle and auntie never say no while I do.....

But in the end I can't get over how nice, awesome, wonderful, super, totally fantastic it was to be sick and have family around to take care of my kids! Seriously, you gotta try it. It's almost like a minivacay. Except for the high fevers. And the not eating for three days. And then the stomach ache when you start eating again....And the weird pulsing pain I have left over in my hips....but other than that you should try it!

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