Waterparks are not foolproof

7:46 AM

Yesterday my sister, her friend and I decided to take four children six and under to a water park/theme park. We had free tickets and they were about to expire so despite the slightly chilly wind we trucked up the highway to the Wisconsin Dells. This is a village that thrives off of water parks and theme parks. Lots of people seems to take their vacation up there, which astounds me as it would turn out to be a vacation of traffic, fast food and keeping track of children in wave pools.

To me that equals stress.

But we went for the day. Or rather a few hours. At least all of us adult girls were on the same page of being there for just a few hours.

Because that is all we lasted for.

First it was windy and only about 70 degrees outside. So we went to the indoor pool. Firecracker was slept in the car but apparently was not finished with her nap because nothing but sitting down appealed to her. I sat her on my lap, threw us down a kid slide in an attempt to make her laugh but when she hit the water it went in her eyes and that was the end for her. Five minutes into being at the park. Great. So she sat out while Queenie and her cousin rode the lazy river. But one time around was enough for them.

Out we went to the wave pool. Everyone likes a wave pool, right? Not Firecracker. Not Chatterbox. It was too cold. Queeie and her cousin had a good time for about twenty minutes until one wave brought Queenie's head in contact with another boy's elbow. And she was done. The next wave took her cousin under and she scraped her foot along the bottom. She was done. For the next ten minutes they stood in their towels, shivering and eating Oreos while watching the waves come in. But it isn't as mezmerizing as the actual beach so within ia few minutes they were bored of that as well.

We packed up and headed out to the car. During the trek back to the car Queenie let me know that she "never wanted to see this park again". Firecracker shouted out an "amen" and their cousin said she was willing to come back "once her foot was all better". Chatterbox took another Oreo and smile a chocolate smile. I don't think she cared one way or the other!

Yep, waterparks are not a foolproof way to having fun. At least not with four kids six and under...

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