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It's obvious to a kid that they are growing. We not only tell them every day but they can see it as they reach higher heights, grow out of clothing, need new shoes.

They see with each passing school year that they've grown in learning as well. We have books given to us each June full of pages pasted in them of the work they did throughout the year and the girls love looking through them, comparing each other's from years past and seeing how much they've grown in their academics.

It's nice to see growth. Kids don't see it that way and many adults don't either but it is nice to see a timeline of progression in your life. At least I think so.

The trouble is that once we get out of college we think our growing is over.

I thought that once I got to around the age of 20 I would be grown up and I would pretty  much be done growing. Dumb, huh?

I really thought that once I got to 30 I would have it pretty much together and would really be pretty much done growing. Still pretty dumb.

I realized the other day when my niece said something about her mom that our kids see us the same way that I saw grown ups when I was their age: people who are so old that they must have it all together. This idea probably comes from us giving them so much advice all the time, telling them what to do, telling them what they can't do, etc.

When I heard my niece I wanted to turn around and kindly tell her to give her mom some grace because she is still growing, we are all growing, but then I got sidetracked with this whole epiphany that she see us as people who are old and not growing any more. And I was a bit shocked.

I know my thirties have crept up on me a bit. I'm fine with my age, I just don't feel like I thought I would feel at this point. I don't feel old. Which is good. I don't want to feel old. But now I'm thinking that I should point out to my daughters that while they think I am old and those around them are old, while they need to treat adults (everyone) with respect, they always need to keep in mind that absolutely NO ONE has all the answer and no one is done growing. And if they claim to be that is the one person they should stay away from. Because there is never a good reason to stop growing. But that's a whole post in itself.

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