When you're SMILING

3:25 AM

Yesterday I was reminded of a study I read about a long time ago. It was seven fifteen in the morning and I was barely conscious yet. I was walking but having a hard time with it (not a morning person, as you can tell!) I took out the coffee and took apart the cardboard box it came in as all the capsules were gone. Just then Chatterbox peeked around the corner and held out a pencil to me. I told her thank you and she smiled. Then she looked at the box. I held it out to her and her smile grew as she took it from me.

A box. Seriously. Anything will make that girl smile, is what I was thinking.

And that is when I reminded about a study I read a long time ago that said babies can smile up to 400 times a day! Whoa! But that adults smile maybe 20 times a day. I'm thinking that is pushing it. Or describing a really good day. Or maybe I'm just not a smiley person? Not sure.

So I consciously smiled. And honestly I felt more energized all of a sudden. Not that I was ready to go run a marathon or bouncing around like a four year old hyped up on M&Ms, but I did feel most of the morning blah melt off.

So I wondered, why don't we smile more? Why don't I smile more? I know why, really. Because I allow the stress of getting the house in order, getting food prepared, getting a toddle to sleep and eat, getting homework done, baths done, play done, park done, getting into bed done.....etc, get to me. I am alone basically Monday through Friday. I have no help at all when it comes to parenting or housework except for a girl who comes for two hours a week (if she shows up) to clean my bathrooms. And while I am thankful for her and that I can afford that, it really isn't enough as housework with children is constant (as you all know!)

But I realize that smiling is something that would help me get through the day. It would help a whole lot more than focusing on the fact that I have no help or am feeling overwhelmed. Because what is complaining or focusing on that going to do for me. Probably make me crabby. And end up yelling. So, instead I should smile.

Smiling releases endorphins that make us feel happy.  And I think moms sometimes just need to stop and FEEL happy. At least I do. Stop in the middle of the rush for what everyone else NEEDS and smile and allow yourself to FEEL the happiness. Think about what around you at that moment brings you happiness. Focus on the good and SMILE.

'Cause "When you're smiling the whole world smiles at you....!"

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