Traveling poem

7:08 AM

I have no pictures, I had no phone.
because I was traveling alone

Traveling the world alone with three girls
I admit the time around you swirls

Between the screams and giggles and cries
There was no time to rest my eyes.

We made it through 9 hours of flight
we made it through without one fight

Up and down the aisle we walked
With other passengers Chatterbox talked

Moments of boredom and desperation came
But with a smile I refused to go insane

Just a few more hours I said to myself
then I said it aloud to and that helped

We finally descended, the girls held hands
and out we went to my homeland

It is a summer in the States they said with a smile
We had one more trip in a car, 130 miles.

But now we are here, though we wake at dawn
with air conditioning, cousins and a big lawn.

I breathe a sigh of relief and an upside down frown
and see how nice it is to have family around

Happy Summer to all of you, near and far
I hope it is as nice as ours so far!

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