Phonetic Fuddle

11:31 AM

A slight pronunciation mishap happened the other day as I talked to a pharmacist.

Me: "Hi, I need something for my daughter. She has 'pousse'." (Writing how I pronounced it)

Pharmacist: "Really? Pousse?"

Me: (I point to my head) "Yeah, pousse. So Gross. I need the best thing you got."

Pharmacist: (Looking at me with that smile that says 'you have no idea what you are saying') "Poo or Pousse?"

I know that poo wouldn't be the same as it is in English, plus I was a bit confused before going into the Pharmacy on how to say the word, so I shrugged and smiled.

Pharmacist: "Poo? (she points to a bottle of shampoo with a smiling kid) or Pousse? (she reaches across the aisle and points to a bottle with a dog and a cat on it.

Me: "Oh! Poo. My daughter has lice (poo) not flees (pousse).

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