My Dream Home

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.This is Awesome! We want this backyard pool design #RealPalmTrees

   I can't wait to own a house. Seriously, cannot wait. Of course that means that we have to definitively decide to stay in one location for awhile.....and that decision might not happen for another decade or two.


 Our home here is lovely. Impressive even with its 12 foot ceilings and large bedrooms and being right smack in the center of the city. People are usually impressed the first time they see it. I was.s But by now, four years later, I am aching to change some things. The kitchen needs to be redone, I wish I could be given permission to paint the walls and the I would pay almost anything to figure out a way to get a second toilet in here. That's right. We only have one toilet. The French apparently rarely pee.

  Problem is this isn't my house. Everything we do to it, everything major, has to be run by the landlady, who is very nice but who isn't too keen to see any changes done to the place. Plus, we keep saying that maybe we will leave again soon so why invest into a rented apartment we might not live in next year? 

   But I'm now in my thirties and I am still trying to find a way to hang pictures without making more holes in the wall. All because this isn't my house. When the kitchen drawer breaks I have to go tell the landlady about it and risk getting a lecture about how my pots must be too heavy and that I should move them. I don't say it out loud but I then wonder around my kitchen for days trying to figure out how I can store pots without putting them into the TWO drawers that I have. Yes, two.

   I want my own house. I dream about having my own house. Sometimes it is in the country. Sometimes it is in the city. With a pool. Without a pool. It certainly has at least three bathrooms and a reading nook. And a large kitchen. Sometimes natural wood and sometimes painted. Sometimes with chandeliers and sometimes rustic....

   Maybe I will know when I see it. Maybe when that day comes I will have a clearer image. But honestly, at this point, I would just love a house to call mine to paint and fix up and break without having to tell anyone but my husband. 

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