Body Loving doesn't =Complacency

2:41 AM

     Thumbing through Facebook this weekend I came across another mom blogger getting out there to encourage women not to hate their bodies. I read the article, which was basically a rewrite of so many articles reminding women that they should learn to love their bodies. I understand the point of these articles and I also believe they are necessary; even if so many of the points are repeats.
     They are necessary because everyday another woman gives birth, everyday another woman tries to fit into he clothes she wore before having kids, every day each woman faces the news stand which we now call Pinterest and see all those bodies she wishes she had....
      But I know my country. I know how defensive we are. I also know how we can start to exchange body loving for complacency and start feeling a little too good in a body that desperately needs some attention that includes exercise, less sugar and some leafy greens. I know that in our country there is a tendency to embrace ourselves and then see that as an excuse to continue on a path that isn't right.
      I struggle with body loving. Every woman does. We all want something that the other one has and quite honestly that is stupid. We need to love who we are. I need to embrace my big legs, and my small breasts and my broad shoulders because that is who I am. That is how God made me and I shouldn't hate it. Instead I need to see and embrace the good in it. My broad shoulders are good for a little bottom to sit on when she gets tired of walking. My legs are strong and can carry me far, (They can get up 49 stairs multiple times a day!),  my small breasts fed thee little babies and at least they don't give me back pain...
      Body loving is a must because body hating is a waste of time. I can't count how many times I look back on photos from my twenties and think, "Why did I think I was fat? Why did I hate my body?"
      Treat your body nicely. Look at its curves and see the good in them....
      ....BUT don't just look at the curves and then be content to leave your body where it is. Even if you don't need to lose weight or don't want to go back a size, etc, treating your body right is MOVING it around and EATING well.
       Body loving is looking at the positive and learning to think positively about your body but it is not an excuse to stay in a rut of America's crazy lifestyle. We are always in a rush, always in the car, always super-sizing and eating WAY too much all the time. WE have a crazy way of looking at food and a deadly way of eating ALL THE TIME!
        It is hard to see this until you leave the country. At least it was for me. Going on my fist road trip in Spain I went to the store and stocked up on goodies to snack on; just as I always did in the States. I remember Principe looking at me and asking me, "Why?" For the life of me I couldn't think of a reason other than "because it's a road trip!"
       Do we need to eat all the time on the road? No. We do it because we are bored. Granted, it took me awhile to get used to not stocking up on chips and cookies and sweets for car trips. Now we have apples, carrots, hummus, and some homemade cookies. And that is only if we are driving through without stopping.
       Do we need to eat McDonalds? No. We do it because it is convenient. But it is also convenient to pack a picnic.
      Do we need to have food in the office all the time? Absolutely not.
      Why is it so weird for us to eat four times a day? I'm not saying we shouldn't have small, healthy snacks if we are hungry, but why are we eating all the time in America? And why the super sizing? No one needs a super-sized soda. No one. You are killing yourself drinking that. Drink some water.
      I am not against LIVING life and enjoying food. But America is dying from eating too much. It's a fact. And the truth is that other developed countries are not. Yes, they are concerned in England and here in France they are talking about people getting bigger, but I dare you to find an obese child at the school my daughters attend. There isn't one. And it's a big school. There are not many "chubby" kids either. In fact, the kids who would be defined as chubby here would make your jaw drop because compared to American kids they aren't chubby. Not even close.
       I just want to put it out there that while I am all for body loving and women learning to speak about their bodies in a nice, loving way, we cannot allow ourselves to accept what our nation is doing to itself. There is not room for accepting the huge obesity problem we are facing. Do not go out and slam people who are struggling with weight, absolutely not, but do not allow yourself to sit all day long, then go home and sit some more while drinking soda and eating sweets. You deserve a long, energetic life and the only way you will get that is if you treat your body well by making it move and making it eat some veggies! Speak nicely about and to yourself, but treating your body well means more than just that.

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