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  Hello, everybody. My name is Kat and I like working out. At home. In fact it is becoming a bit of an addiction. And everything was going fine, I could control it, until I dropped the kettlebell on the floor and it went through my neighbor's ceiling. I invited her to come up and workout with me. I even suggested that we could hang a rope from my apartment into her's and practice our rope climbing skills. It is something I haven't yet tried. But she said no. And told me to stop jumping around as I was damaging the ceiling even more. And then she made me pay to have it fixed. While the guy was repairing the floor in my "gym" I took my workouts to the living room. That is when I learned that it isn't so much slippery, sweaty fingers and the long fingernails that I was trying out that made me slip up with the kettlebell. It smashed right into the flatscreen the day of the big soccer game. My husband left me around that time. 
  It has taken me a few more weeks, but I am here now to get some help. 
  Anyone want to watch my kids? I need to workout and, well, while I have cut my fingernails down, I am trying to be more responsible. I can stop anytime, really. It is just that I don't want to stop. I just need my kids to be taken care of while I try to do my HIIT routine!

Okay, just kidding. But I am going to give you a count down on why I love to workout at home. I used to complain about it and now I am loving it. Besides being able to use a wider variety of weights at the gym, I am not sure why anyone would pay these days to go there! Here is my take.

1. I can shower at home without having to look sweaty and gross to the outside world. In fact, no one sees how much I sweat except for my children. Okay, I don't have air conditioning, but those who have it here in France use it so poorly that I high doubt that is argument enough to go to a gym and use their wart infested showers.

 2. No makeup. Too much makeup. Half makeup. Doesn't matter because my girls are, again, the only ones who see me! Call me 30 but I totally understand the women who wear makeup to the gym, no matter how strange it sounds! When you are 20 you don't need it. 30? Well, this raccoon eyes don't get better with sweat dripping down them, let's just leave it at that!

 3. I can wear what I want, and not have to match. In fact, on a laundry day you might just catch me working out in my boy short underwear and maternity bra. Sexy, I know.

4. I can drink water for free without having to practically lick a water fountain to get it. And if I forget my bottle, I just jog to the kitchen and grab a drink. ALL FOR FREE!

5. I don't have to pack a gym bag, then unpack it or find that I forgot and pull out sweaty, molding clothes three days later.....

6. Looking like a dork, while optional, is not something to be embarrassed about. I hate any little hairs in my face so this is usually what my hair looks like while I work out. With maybe a few more clips added throughout the workout!

7. Any kind of class I want at the time I want it! Gyms have a schedule to keep. I can make my own schedule. Which brings us to number 8

8. youtube is an awesome resource for free workout videos. Try fitnessblender, blogilates, befit, or thedialyhiit. Those are my faves.

9. It is easier to fit it into my day since I don't have to calculate going to the gym, changing, showering, coming home etc.

10. I can try somethings out all by myself without feeling like a complete failure in front of people. Let's just say that with my dance background my zumba should be a lot better than it is.....and no, I will not be trying it again. I almost dislodged my hip the first time.

What about you, do you workout at home? Any good sites or advice or new things to try???

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