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1:15 PM

  We just said good-bye to some friends here who have decided to move back home to the States. They were a couple that we got a long with so well, despite quite a bit of age difference. Of course, due to being in very different chapters of our lives we didn't hang out as much as Principe and I would have liked but each time we did hang out I felt like I came away a little more encouraged and better prepared to be a parent.

   They were a couple who got married young after knowing each other for just a few months. He was in the military and right away they had babies. Three babies. They  moved all around the US and into Europe with their three babies/kids and are still going strong. Their oldest is one year younger than me but since she hasn't had babies yet I got the parenting gems they have  been storing up for the past few decades.

    And it was those parenting gems that seriously made me want to hang out with them more. Three babies. A young marriage still going strong. And quite a few laughable and shocking moments that are now their favorite stories to tell. Wrap that up and bind it because it is the REAL parenting advice book that should be published. Their advice and their stories were never condescending. Like I said before I always left feeling uplifted because they had a way of showing and complimenting how wonderful my kids were, what a good job Principe and I were doing and how we were such a lovely family.

  Don't we all need to hear that more often? Don't you, at the end of the day, need someone to point out the good aspects of your kids and your family sometimes? Don't you need the encouragement of seeing what you are doing well? We need those comments and encouragement so that on our bad days when we feel alone and like we are messing our kids up beyond return, we can have something positive to breathe life back into us.
  What we don't need is some ultra strange star best known for her portrayal of a Clueless rich girl and her weird cleansing enemas she pushed a decade ago telling us that we mere mortals are doing everything wrong from calling things what they are (i.e. "potty training") to vaccinating our kids or *gasp* letting them sleep in their own beds. Seriously. Why can't the publishing industry publish something real instead of a cookbook written by a rich girl in which it would cost us around $300 a day to cook out of? Why can't they go deep into America and just publish the survival stories, the brilliant light-bulb moments (like giving kids a roll of quarters at the beginning of the trip and taking a quarter away each time they whine, complain or bother a sibling? Brilliant! That is one of my friend's stories!) and the encouragement that we wish we could shower on those new moms and dads we see walking down the street.

   Parents don't nee more books that tell them how wrong they are doing  things from a bunch of clueless women who live in that strange world called Hollywood who have enough money to hire a nanny, cook and probably their own potty trainer, who can afford to buy only organic and can probably pay the world not to cough on their un-vaccinated child. Because we out here are struggling to simply provide our kids with nutritious meals, heck some of us our struggling to provide food at all. Many are concerned about finding money to buy new shoes for our kids, or a new backpack, or finding a babysitter for the summer. Geez, we deal with real issues like juggling everyone's schedule while trying to find time to help with homework and make a meal and get people bathed and watching the baby to make sure she doesn't eat any magnets.

    Get off your high horse, Hollywood stars, and come down to our life for a day. Bet you wouldn't make it even one hour.

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