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 This week at Mama Kat's Losin It workshop one of the prompts was to paste the last thing on your clipboard into the blogpost. This is what showed up on mine:
   In the last year Kayla dropped out of school, lost four jobs and got kicked out of her apartment landing her back home. The latest events in her life leave her searching for a way to stop being a failure, but she seems unable to stop herself from destructive behavior. Back home Kayla has a hard time adjusting surrounded by others who seem to have it all together. Her behavior becomes chaotic as it was in high school before her nervous breakdown and everyone starts to worry it is happening again. Her friends Brian and Cali recommend she forgive herself for her sort-comings and get professional help, but Kayla ignores them. The last thing she wants is someone inside her head. She continues to pretend she is fine all by herself, not realizing that her problems are seen by everyone and no longer hiding.
            Things get tense when Kayla says she saw her father. Brian and Kayla's brother, Kevin, have to remind her that he died six months earlier. Once they show her evidence that he is really dead Kayla hopes to finally find peace, but instead her nightmares and hellish memories come back. The fear they cause makes her behavior worse than before. Kayla's friend Sandra believes that she will not find peace until she is able to forgive her father for whatever he did to her; a suggestion that sends Kayla into a rage.
             After too many instances of strange behavior Kayla's mom takes her to an inpatient facility and suggests she stays there until she is able to function properly. Once there Kayla reveals to her therapist that her father molested her as far back as she can remember culminating in him raping her four years earlier. To her surprise, while it felt good for her to let out the secret, she still doesn't feel healed. Even so, Kayla stays at the facility in an attempt to find peace. Unfortunately that hope is shattered the day that her family comes to visit. Kevin steals Kayla's diary and shares it with their mother. The two of them confront her about her accusations. They tell her to either repent for her lies or never come back to them again.
            Kayla leaves the clinic and her family behind, managing to get by for a few months. When Brian finally finds her he can't believe her fake smile and claims that everything is fine as she looks like a lost lamb wandering without hope. He offers to take her in, scared what she will do to herself, but while Kayla accepts his friendship she refuses to allow him to get too close or help her. Sandra also stands by Kayla, giving her food and friendship, with the hope that she will someday find her way to forgiveness. Nothing seems to convince Kayla to stop her destructive behavior until one day when she wanders into a soup kitchen, exhausted and malnourished. Listening to a story of another abuse victim Kayla's eyes are opened. Eventually it is the unconditional love her friends show for her, as messed up as she is, and the embrace of other abuse victims that brings Kayla the hope of a future. All she needs is a little help from those who have been there before her, and the strength to finally forgive her father, her family and herself.
 A bit long of a copy and paste but I swear this is what came up! This is my short summary for my novel that I sent off to a trusted person who is going to help me slim it down even more and make it into a 200 word query letter. It is not easy, let me tell you! Think book report of the olden days, but super short and yet still good enough to make an agent want to read more. It is hard work, though more hard work in the head as there isn't really any heavy lifting.

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