Favorite snacks as a kid

1:13 PM

Ah, this post had me longing to go home and be a ten year old again!

My favorite snacks as a kid (I was thinking of myself being around ten years old when I thought of these snacks even though some continued to be my faves well into my teens!)

1. Graham Crackers with butter spread on top
2. Graham Crackers with vanilla frosting spread on top.

3. Flour tortillas with melted butter and cinnamon sugar, then rolled up into a tube. Yum!

4. Left over dinner rolls with jam smeared over it.

5. Popcorn. Not the microwave stuff, the air popped stuff.

6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

7. Black cherries dipped in sour cream mixed with sugar. Try it! So addicting!

8. Carrots with ranch dressing

9. Apple slices dipped in caramel sauce.

10. Ice cream cone with one scoop of Breyers Vanilla ice cream on top. That was my grandpa and my special treat each afternoon in the summer while my grandma took a nap. It holds a special place in my heart. 

Hmmmm. I guess you can tell I had a bit of a sweet tooth. And I still do! I just know how to control it a bit more. But now I am hungry. Wish I had some ranch around here....

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