Victory in the little things

12:54 PM

Like many humans I spent much of my life in negativity. I never realized this really because I always saw "negativity" as meaning someone who is super, depressingly negative to the point that they are a bit unbearable.

There are people like that, truly, utterly negative. But I no longer think that is what "living in negativity" is. Instead I think it is something much more subtle, yet much more effective than that.

"Gah! I just can't seem to get organized!"
"I got NOTHING done today!"
"Oh, crud, the laundry didn't get done."
"I didn't get around to the dishes last night."
"The kids didn't eat very healthy today."
"I haven't made cookies from scratch in so long. I am so bad about that!"
"My husband NEVER helps me around the house."
"I don't know what to do with my three year old!"
I am sure you can add more as I have a million more myself. In fact, just about everything I tell myself all day long since I became a mom was pretty much negative. I always focused on what I didn't get done, what I should have gotten done, what is still lying around waiting for me to get to it.

I even took it far enough to start making lists about what needed to get done and circling in red the things I didn't get done that day.

But instead of being negative I want to learn to be positive. I want my children to be positive people. Naturally my character is not so very positive. But I believe we have control over our own personality and I believe that I can change that.

And I think it would be awesome if all moms around the world could start encouraging each other to be more positive. Let's focus on the good things. Such as what DID get done today.

Did you get the counters wiped? Give a little dance.
Did your kids fill their belly and go to bed satisfied? Give yourself a high five!
Did you start to yell but then stopped and handled the crying and whining in a different manner? I'll drink a toast to you!

Whenever you get something done write in down in your mind as a small victory for the day. It may seem stupid to feel victorious for loading the dishwasher, but if you didn't do that "small" thing than very soon your entire kitchen would be in your sink, right? If you never did even one load of laundry the mountain would be spilling out into the street at some point, no? The little things don't seem to matter sometimes but they really do.

So what did you DO today? I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice. I fed my kids (no comments on the quality today!). I took Queenie to the dentist, kept calm with a whiny baby, gritted my teeth through a temper tantrum instead of running out the door myself, and made a strawberry cake by request.

Maybe that list doesn't compare to other people's lists today, but I am taking pride in my little victories, my accomplishments for the day. What are yours?

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