Strong vs. SEXY

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I love working out. Seriously L-O-V-E I-T. I used to dance five times a week during high school and into my first year of University and just haven't been able to really stop exercising since. Not to say that I have always been good at it. I used to think that I needed to just do cardio, and a lot of it, to stay the shape that I wanted to be. Having the larger farmer calves and thighs, I was always scared to do weights because I thought it would bulk me up more. Instead of looking into it, I just thought I was right to do two hours of cardio instead of any weights.

It wasn't until I hurt my knee after Firecracker was born that I realized I was wrong. My physical therapist said, "Look, you have overly developed quads and underdeveloped hamstrings and inner thigh muscles. Your knee isn't stable in that environment."

So I started to do some yoga. And while I liked it I wasn't satisfied with the pace.

And then I found HIIT and CrossFit that I found my place in the exercise world.

I am in love.

You have heard me tell you about FitnessBlender and Cassey at blogilates. They are the ones that I can't get enough of. They are tough, but encouraging and must work night and day for people like me to be able to workout at home. They are realistic and upbeat and....I don't know. They motivate me the best.

But the other day I wandered onto another sight and was intrigued. So I signed up for a 30 day challenge and was pleased with the first three workouts. They were tough. The women running them are moms (at least two are, that I know of) and are in super shape. They can do some stuff that left my jaw hanging out. Like the kneeling Ninja. Ever tried? Cassey calls them knees crazies, which I think are a more fitting title as you start on your knees and jump to a squat without using your arms. Yeah. They are FIT women!

But then this last Tuesday I got on to find the new workout and was a bit shocked by what I found. Instead of the usual stilled frame for the thumbnail the videos has a photo of the trainer in a sexy swimsuit in a rather sexy position.

I am not really a prude. Really. My girls see me breastfeed all the time and I don't believe Janet Jackson's mishap was all that big of a deal, but my first reaction was disappointment. And I looked behind me to make sure my oldest two weren't around to see it.

You see, while I understand what it is like to look in the mirror at marvel at your new, toned body and getting excited because you love your shape even passed thirty, even after three kids, I don't get the whole SEX thing. I feel sexier, yes, but I don't really need my girls to see that. I want them to see me workout but I don't need them to link exercise with sex. Because exercise is for you, the individual. Not for anyone else. While my husband obviously likes my body, I exercise and push myself for my own self. Not for him.

I want them to see me doing this. And say,"Hey, I want to be able to do that. I want to be strong."

My motivation is to be strong. To be a 60 year old grandma who isn't too weak to hold her grandbaby. I want to be able to get my own suitcase. And lift a couch. And lift up my three year old who just fell down. 

I don't do it to be all:

Am I a prude or is it strange to see all of the thumbs slightly pulling down the bikini bottoms, the arched backs, the nipples poking through the tiny bra? Is that why we work out?

To me, this is

Tabitha Klausen - fitness inspiration! I will get there!

I mean, seriously? Yes, she looks great, and I have no problem with showing the abs, but I don't like the look on her face or the ripped jeans or the bra......
Oh to have this bod!  *sigh*


This is so much better. No crotch shot. It shows almost as much skin but it doesn't SCREAM sex.


I like this too. It shows more the reason to workout. Beautiful, strong body. But not overly sexy.

Just have a look at pinterest next time and you will see what I mean. Or maybe you disagree. Am I being too much of a prude? Are the thumbs pulling down the bikini bottoms and the arched backs okay? The crotch shots? The nipples sticking out?

Being a mom of girls I just feel like they will be inundated with SEX all of their life. Can't we have our exercise be about strength and not about our pinkies in our mouths and our hips sticking out towards the camera?

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