Remembering my NYRs

6:12 AM

Today I had to get out in the rain, with the double stroller, and haul two children to the clinic across the river for an xray. The only thing going on in my head an hour before I had to leave was how to get out of the whole thing.

And then I remembered my first New Year's word: discipline.

Gah! Why did I come up with that one?

Often I am prone to dropping things because I am short on time or because the girls need something or because "I will do it later". My house by the end of the week is an example of this lack of discipline that I have. It isn't just about finishing stuff either though. Sometimes it is entirely about starting them!

So, today, I checked myself, sucked it up and went. It wasn't too bad, in the end. It was only sprinkling and since the elevator to the metro is finally fixed (only took them 6 months!) we got there in just 15 minutes and only had to walk a total of 10 blocks in the sprinkles.

While I was there I also pulled out my second word, love, as I had to help down down my poor three year old who didn't want to take off her pretty dress and lie down on a cold xray bed. And then the receptionist wasn't too happy that for five minutes she became a babysitter of a screaming 9 month old who was desperately tired. She let me know that my baby is quite loud! When I finally coaxed Firecracker into calming down and the baby into going to sleep we headed back to the metro only to literally not be let in because people didn't want to move and give us room!

I sucked in my breathe and smiled. Not a big deal. No use getting stressed. I half expected to wait for one or two trains anyway

Maybe I should teach yoga.

Now, for the fun part of my discipline word I am going to start on my dreams book. Something I have been thinking about for almost a year and never put into action! Ah, yes, you can teach a mama new tricks! Like putting ideas in her head onto paper and into the world!

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