Five things I am currently in LOVE with

11:50 AM

  While I was back home my sister and her awesome friend had the fantastic idea of going for brunch. I wasn't too keen on the idea of hauling all three of my girls out for brunch downtown, but then I heard American food calling my name and, boy, am I sure glad we went! The cafe was called Lazy Jane's and it is fantastic! This is an actual pic of their scrumptious scones. Uhhhhh, I am drooling just thinking of them! They have raspberry and lemon and blueberry and brown sugar walnut and cranberry and coconut and chocolate....doesn't it just make you want to go there? Me, too. Ever since I have had the itching to make up my own recipe of brown sugar pecan. Oh, sounds so good! Alas, I haven't had the time yet. But maybe this Sunday....

2. Amaretto
   I can't get enough of my amaretto latte. Every time I go in for an American style coffee I am determined to try something new, but I never do. Just really like my amaretto. 

3. Celery Salt
  I have only ever used this little magical spice in my yearly Thanksgiving stuffing, but I am finding it adds so much flavor to so many dishes that I am pretty much putting it into everything now! Tonight we had mozzarella stuffed meatballs with spaghetti. Guess what gave the meatballs some awesome flavor? That's right. Some celery salt. 

4. Fitness Blender
   Thanks to Kelli and Daniel at I am more fit than I ever have been in my life! My thighs and legs have become my favorite part of my body, which is so weird as they used to be my most hated! It took me a lot of hard work to get here, but thanks to their extensive list of free videos I am strong and fit and nice months after giving birth to my third baby I not only fit into my old jeans, I had to go out and buy smaller ones!!!

5. Samsung tablet
  While I do enjoy using this tablet and am happy with our purchase, my reason for loving it might not be what you expect it to be. I love this new tablet because my hubby uses it all the time! Which leave the other computer free for me to write on! LOL! But still, it counts as my love for the moment!

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