First 2014 Word

4:32 AM

 I am not sure where I first heard about taking one word for your entire year and using it as an alternative to making New Year's resolutions, although I am pretty sure I first heard about it about four years ago. Like most people I tend to leave my resolutions in my head, which ultimately leads to them never getting done. Last year I took it a step further and actually wrote them out in my diary but then, of course, I forgot about them.

In 2012 I started listening to some motivational speakers about how to change things in your life. In 2013 I continued that trend of listening and am happy to report that I have learned some things: know what you want (be specific), write it down, keep it before your eyes, speak as though it has already happened, don't let others mislead you from your goals.

For 2014 I have four words that I am going to write some specifics on, speak about, think about, write them out and keep them before my eyes and I am not going to allow people to keep me from obtaining them. If you are a naturally negative person you will find me not speaking to you about them because I don't want to hear your negativity. Just how it is.

First word is: DISCIPLINE

Surprisingly enough for a mom blog this word has nothing really to do with my children and everything to do with me. Last year I set a goal to stop yelling, which I intend to see through, but it takes discipline. I also started thinking about my house and how it constantly drives me crazy. I need to learn to put things away in their place. Again that takes discipline. I also want to get better at planning meals because having dinner ready or even semi-ready by the time the girls get home makes me feel more peaceful. But that takes discipline. Then there was that plan I wrote about a few weeks ago about waking up at 6:30 to ready my devotional, write a little every day....and.......hmmmmm....kinda got out of the habit over Christmas break using jetlag and then being busy as an excuse. You know what it takes to stop using excuses and just get it done? Discipline.

Apparently I need quite a bit of discipline in my life. Thinking about having children and how we can feel like we spend our etire life "disciplining" I am reminded a bit of Jesus saying talking about taking the beam out of your own eye before you help your brother take the splinter out of his. Just how am I supposed to bring up my girls to be disciplined, responsible adults if I  myself have fallen out of discipline and slumped into a bit of chaos?

One thing that encourages me is that in 2013 I did seem to master disciplining my body to work out 3-4 times a week and to not eat as much sugar as I did in my twenties. Talk about a candy hoarder. That was me in my third decade of life. LOVED candy. Thankfully getting older has changed my taste buds a bit. That, plus learning how to eat better and wanting to eat healthier. I never ate badly, but I certainly did OD on the sugar!

It is evident to me then that I am able to change and I am able to discipline myself to do new things and better ways of doing them. And that trend will continue in 2014 with the yelling and cleaning and organizing and cooking and writing. Especially writing. I have words to define my year but I also have a very simple resolution. A goal to see come to pass before 2014 is up: two published, two finished. Yup, I want to see my first two books published and finish the two books I have started. Sounds crazy, I am sure. Might even sound impossible, but I know that it is not. Nothing is impossible. Of course it is going to take a little something on my part. You guessed it! Discipline! Discipline to write, to send out queries to search for agents, to be patient.....etc.

See? Discipline is such a good word!

What words are you using to define 2014?

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