8 Things

12:22 PM

Mama Kat has an interesting prompt this week: tell 8 things that you said to your kids that other parents didn't this week.

Of course, there is a context to all of these things, but written without the context it amazes me how much my life sounds like a circus!

8. "There! Now you have caca on your head!"
     (Queenie likes to joke that the baby poops on my head. This is me smearing imaginary poop on her head to get her back for the joke.)

7. "I don't want to get a camera down my throat, which is way worse than the dentist filling in your hole. Sometimes you gotta do what you don't want to do."
    (Queenie hates the dentist. I used the example of me having to get an endoscopy to convince her that she could handle it)

6. "If you sit on her head it will explode on your butt."
    (This was my attempt to convince Firecracker to stop sitting on her baby sister's head.)

5. "Princess Sleeping Beauty almost got crushed by mama's exercise weights.
    (Don't worry, this was a doll)

4. "Queen, a dentist cannot fix your broken toe."
    (Weird how Queenie makes me call her "Queen". The broken toe was just play.)

3. "If you leave the legos out and your baby sister ears them you will have to look for them in her poop."
    (My life centers on poop, it seems.)

2. "Your heart inside is not actually heart shaped." "I don't know why not."
    (As we looked at Firecracker's xray they didn't believe me that the thing in the middle was her heart. It was not heart shaped!)

1. "Do no lick your hands when you are on the potty! They have potty germs on them!"
    (Serious oral fixation going on with Firecracker right now. And it is getting bit gross!)

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