6 things we no longer know how to do

3:23 AM

1. Dress Up
  I know that Wisconsin is cold and snowy and sometimes down right dreary, but when I went home and saw people actually going into stores in their pijamas my jaw dropped to the floor. We used to have a pijama day at school during spirit week, which I always thought was a stupid idea. Why would I want to go outside the house in my pijamas? Come on, people! Take a shower, get dressed! Don't you know you will feel better about yourself? I walked around the mall and was curious to see so many women and girls wearing yoga pants and running gear. For a moment I thought their was a gym at the mall. Alas, there was not. Just your average Wisconsin fashion, y niece informed me. I am so out of the loop, apparently! So, I gotta give koodos to Europe for one thing, they may change into sweats immediately upon entering their house, but they always dress in real clothes to go outside. And sometimes they dress up just for the heck of it. Because what is the point of owning a dress and some killer heels if you aren't going to wear them?

2. Use Your Imagination
   This goes mostly for kids, but I think us adults have forgotten to use our imagination as well. And as a result has forgotten how to teach our kids to use it. When was the last times you took a box and made it into a spaceship? Or made a tent with a blanket tossed over a chair and claimed you were camping in the wild west? I am pretty sure my kids don't even know what the wild west is. I would have to say it is a castle or something. But still....
   The other day Queenie came into the kitchen with a fork in her hand and said she was going to make me a beautiful dress. Then she waved the fork, said the magic words and then informed me that while I couldn't see the dress I had to say that it was beautiful. Which I obeyed. It is amazing what kids will come up with when I take the computer away. I just might do it more often!

3. Sit On The Porch
   Did any of you ever have grandparents that would sit on the porch in the evening just looking at the street? I did. We would sit outside gazing out as if we had this grand view to look at (it was the track and feild of the local high school) and talk about random things. Of course the internet had yet to consume our very existance back then and my grandparents didn't have cable so really there was nothing better to do then to sit and chat. I can hardly imagine any family doing that now.

4. Use Streamers
   With the invention of Pinterest we have all forgotten how to be content with streamers, balloons and jello to make a party. Now we need sparklers, pink drinks out of mini milk jars, cake balls, a rainbow display of expensive foods that claim to be clean and gluten-free and the arty bag to has to be homemade and look like a birdfeeder. And that is just for the five year old birthday. What exactly are they going to expect for their wedding? I can only imagine the cost of that!

5. Play The Liscense Plate Game
    This goes along with all that technology these days, which, don't get me wrong, I love! But when we are driving for a whole twenty minutes and my kids can't seem to just sit and be bored in the car without playing a computer or tablet or watching a movie I wonder what the heck is wrong with us these days? Come on! Daydream a bit, for crying out loud!

6. Be Happy
    I almost never go on Facebook now because it drives me crazy how many people want to wallow in their "crappy" lives. They want to be validated for such trivial things and seem to hate anyone who has a good life or is willing to plow forward no matter what with a smile on their face and not complain about everything. Since when did it become cool to be miserable? Why does everyone want to have the best sob story? Why does it make us feel better to have had the worst experience? Why don't we want to hear about the good stories? It just doesn't make sense to me.

All the other things I came up with somehow seem to tag along with one of these six in one way or another. Society is moving along pretty fast it seems. So much has changed in the last decade. Now we watch television in HD and have groceries delivered and arae never without something electronic in our face. One thing I know for sure about all this: it is making me have to wear my glasses more. When are we going to be able to forget how to do that? Instant eye fixes? Yes, please!!

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