Babies never give up

12:40 AM

In the first year of life it is amazing to watch a little human grow. They are so much work for the mom and dad, so it is  good thing that they can bring us joy just by watching them! When you see your 8 month old it is amazing to think back and wonder at the results of just a few months.
   Right now little Gazer is trying hard to start moving. She has been able to sit by herself for a long time, which permits her to play by herself quite a bit. But now she is starting to realize that if she wants something that is over there she needs to move to get it. She rolls over, stretches, reaches, grunts and groans. She rocks back and forth and pushes herself backwards, usually sending her farther away from the object. There are times that she mangages to get the toy or paper or Christmas tree, but most of the time oe of us ends up getting it for her.
   But it is the times that she gets it herself that I think keeps her going. Her failures don't hold her back. Babies are smart that way. They don't care how many times they failed yesterday or even that they failed a second ago. They forget the past and move into the future. They don't question their ability, they simply try again.
    Why is it that us adults can't be more like them?
    A few blog posts ago I wrote about my desire to change some routine in my daily life. I have failed miserable at keeping my list. There are so many days that I don't get myself out of bed at 6:30. Too many days that I don't listen to a motivational message or music or write anything, as you can see from my blog! And I have allowed those failures to hold me back.
   I was watching a video at about how to not gain weight for the holidays and one of the things they said was, "If you mess up one day, it is okay! Don't let it bother you so much! Enjoy the holidays. But don't let that mess up put you in the mindset  of  'Well, I might as well just give up now and eat whatever I want because I already messed up'"
    My mindset the last week was just that about my new habit list and my blog. I might as well just give up. But after listening to that video and then watching my little Gazer I was suddenly sticken by a revelation of my stupidity. I am going to stop being an adult about this and start being more like a baby: I am going to forget abaout my failures and move forward. If I mess up, that moment is in the past. Tomorrow, today even, I will do better. And just like little Gazer will evetually crawl and then walk, etc, I too will one day find myself walking in my new habit routine as though it were nothing, like a second skin. And I will look back and be amazed at the change that a few months brought.

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