A conversation about fire and angels

5:20 AM

Last week one morning Queenie woke up earlier than her other sisters and came to see me in the kitchen. I was done with my devotional by then and was starting to make breakfast. Our kitchen was probably renewed in the 90s but remember that our apartment building is OLD. Very old.
The heating system, while up to date as possible, goes through big radiators. Not a big deal as there are still new houses in Europe that doen't have central heat and still use radiators. But the start of this coversation has to do with the large gas and heating box in our kitchen where we turn the gas on and off, regulate the water temp and regulate our heating. Every so many minutes the pilot fire starts the other fifty little fires in there which somehow gets our water and house warm. Strange, I know.
  When she heard the click, click, click, click of the pilot light Queenie perked up and said, "Mom, what happens if we get fire down over there?"

"Don't worry, honey. That fire stays in there. It is just to heat up the house so we aren't cold."

"I knoooowwww, mom. But what if there is one day fire down over here?"

She points to the stove and then sweeps her hand up over the kitchen.

"Sometimes there are fires in houses, but you have big angels that will protect us. So we will never have a fire."

(I was all proud of myself for the quick thinking and lesson in God's protection. Until Queenie spoke again.)

"Oh, I know. If there is fire down over here it is because the angels are mad at us."

I almost spit out my coffee!

"I don't think angels are allowed to get mad at us."

"Yes, if they get mad then there will be fire."

"I don't think you can get an angel mad. So don't worry about it. There will never be a fire in our house."

"What happens to all their stuff if someone's house burns?"

"Sometimes their stuff is ok but usually it gets burned."

"And what if we have a fire on all our stuff?"

Seeing that I was getting no where with her I tried another angle.

"If there is a fire in your house than your angels will pick you up and make sure you and Deedee and your sisters and me and papa get out without getting hurt."

That satisfied here while I spread the butter on her toast. But before eating she had one last comment.

"And then we will wear gray and green and sleep on the street together until we building another house with our angel."

Hmmmmm. Let's just pray we don't have a fire at all!

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