Singing in three languages

12:55 PM

There is a whole subculture called bi(multi)lingual living. If you put those of us who live in this subculture into a glass box you would probably be amazed to whatch us interact. We do strnage things. Say strange things. Our children play differently and talk differently.

It is amazing really. The children, at least. I love watching them switch from one language to another, start one sentence in one language and add in a word from another, or simply know who to speak to in what language. By the age of four they are already asking new friends what languages they speak. They just want to know what they can play in. Simple as that.

Even the adults sometimes speak strangely.

At coffee the other day I sat at a table with a Dutch woman and a German woman. We spoke in English as we prefer it for the time being, but if you were to listen in you would hear things like:

"She is enceinte right now so she isn't there." (pregnant)

"When are you taking her to the creche?" (daycare)

"I recieved a note from the maitress the other day." (teacher)

One hilarious thing I heard yesterday was a new insult one of my friend's kid came up with "You are a caca boudin!" (poop sausage or sausage poop???)

Even when we are speaking between Americans we use French words or sometimes we even mess up our home langauge. Yes, that is possible. It is even possible to forget words in your native tongue. Super weird when that happends. You feel like a total idiot!

When I go home people sometimes laugh at how I speak. Granted, it must sound funny to them. I don't know the new nuances, or slang or really even the funny jokes from tv or movies at the moment. It is all I can do to keep up with the website fiasco.....

Last year I had to ask my best friend what LMAO meant. And I will admit to googling other words and acronyms from facebook. It just happens. But, you probably wouldn't understnd me in my small world over here half the time either.

We are a strange bunch. Such a small bunch of people. And we have no idea how little others understand us!

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