12:55 PM

I sat in my van in the parking lot of my school. Now that my brother was gone I was the oldest and drove the car pool. I didn't mind that so much, I liked driving; that feeling of some freedom from home, being a teenager, the stress that I had no name for but felt. Problem is that I hated my school and was angry about certain situations in my life and family that I couldn't see to find words for. I just felt angry. I sat in the empty car. The other kids from the carpool were long gone into the school building, not wanting to be late for class. Three tardies in a semester bought you a ticket right to detention hall. And no one wanted that. Not even me with all my anger. But then this song came on. And suddenly I didn't care. I had exactly four minutes to get into class if I didn't want one of those stupid pink slips. In the end I wasn't tardy, but I did get to rock out to one of my favorite Sublime songs of that moment, which eventually became one of my favorite of all time. Everytime I listen to it I remember myself sitting in that car, dancing a little bit of the fear of growing up away and starting my day with a little less anger than I had before the guitar started.

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