Mommy in the rain

11:50 AM

To the girl behind me in line at the grocery, to the cashier, to the lady who is in a bigger hurry to get home:

Let me get out of your way. Let me go faster. Let me juggle a crying, teething baby and still allow you to go ahead of me, allow you to go first, heck, let me get down and kiss your feet while I am at it. How about a nice foot massage?

Are you looking at me like that because you have had a bad day or a I really the bane of your existance? Can you not stand crying babies? Oh, that's funny. I love it when my baby screams at me.

Am I not going fast enough? Not putting the groceries in quickly enough into my bags? Funny, I guess you could help me while I struggle between my stroller, my credit card and getting all my stuff in my bags. Was that you sighing out loud? Wow. So sorry I am getting in your way of working.

And you? I see that you only have one item. Over there are the do-it yourself cash registers. They are pretty easy and I would be over there in an instant, except that my stroller doesn't fit. You don't have a stroller. Or a crying baby. You would get out of here a lot quicker if you went over there.

Oh, yes. It is raining today and everyone, especially YOU, is in a hurry. Not me. I like getting wet while pushing my screaming baby and holding all my groceries on my shoulders. Maybe I shouldn't have come out in the rain, you say? Well, that would have been a nice option. Except that I have two children and a husband expecting something to eat for dinner. No, we don't even have cereal. Or bread. Or meat. Yup, that is why I am out here.

But don't worry about me. Those toys that just fell on the ground? Don't worry, let me try to squat over with my grocery bags in my hands and get that. I know you are in too big of a rush to help me.

Oh, sorry, lady that my stroller got in your way at the narrow part in the sidewalk. That happens in Toulouse all too oftten. You see, the sidewalks aren't made for strollers really. And they especially aren't made for a stroller and a lady in some hurry to try and go around at the wrong moment. I know that my wheel clipped your foot, but when I looked to apologize you just gave a big HUFF and kept walking. Honestly, it made me want to grab your hair and pull it. Not sure where that came from. Must be a side effect from hearing my miserable baby crying and whimper and cursing myself for having to be out in the rain in the first place.

But again, sorry for being in your way. And for being too slow. I now know that I just shouldn't ever leave my house in case you are all in a bigger hurry to get home. Or to the office. Or out for coffee.

Where ever you are going, I am sure it is way more important than me getting my baby and groceries home.

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