21 Days

2:16 AM

The muddle is getting to be too much.

I need a change.

I need to get more organized.

I need to come to the realization that whining and complaining changes nothing and that some things are beyond my control to change.

But you know what isn't beyond my control to change? Me. So I am taking a step to change.

I am starting a routine for 21 days. I tried to do it September and mostly did it but getting sick got in the way and bit and then I didn't keep the whole thing up on the weekends and soon I found myelf getting a bit lax. I think it is because I had no one to account mysef to.

So now I am telling the blogging world and will make myself be accountable.

For 21 days I will do five things each day. These five things are:

1. Get out of bed at 6:30. No excuses.

2. Start the day reading from my devotional Limitless LOVE because I need more love in my life and I am sure my kids could do with me being a bit more loving to them.. Especially by bath time!

3. I will clean something. One thing. At least. But at least ONE!

4. Write. In my diary, work on my novels, write a blog post. Anything. Just get it out of my head and onto "paper"!

5. I will listen to something inspirational. Music counts. Something to lift me out of my muddle, out of the running list in my head.

21 days people. I am going to do this. And I am going to tweet my checklist everyday. I know, most people could careless about that tweet coming to them, but it will help me stay accountable. Of course I am hoping that this will eventually become like breathing to me. But in order for that to happen I have to take the first step to making it a habit. Three weeks is what it takes! And I am going to do it!

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