Vide Grenier

12:31 AM

This is how we in the centre ville (city center) have vide greniers (an equivalent to a garage sale in France). Actually, this is pretty much how they do it even in small towns. People sign up, bring their stuff out to a plaza and try to sell it all. There are some professionals that seem to collect stuff to sell. At least I imagine they are professionals as I can't imagine why else they would have so much porcelain or silver forks. I mean, seriously, who has that many in their house just because???

See those copper pots? I wanted them. Not really sure why, but I thought they looked cool. Problem is I don't have room for them. Maybe when we move. Still have to find a new apartment to move to though, THAT little project is going a bit slow......My fault really....

But today I have to buy a washing machine, not an apartment. Because mine is officially dead. And I have a lot of clothes to wash. Of course when the machine breaks the baby poops all over her clothes and I decide to serve spaghetti and it rains making all the pants muddy......seriously

And no one had a washing machine at the vide grenier. Otherwise I probably would have bought it. Or not. As I wouldn't now how to set it up! Instead I bought an easel for Queenie's birthday. I am excited about it. If she doesn't like I am taking it for myself!

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